“The auloi of the Megara Museum and their archaeological context”

École Française d’Athènes – WEDNESDAY, 13th


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6th session (17:30-19:40) New instrument finds / chair: Sylvain Perrot

18:15 The Megara aulos Δ1964Α, Β

Avgerinou, Panagiota “The auloi of the Megara Museum and their archaeological context”

(Ephorate of West Attica Piraeus and Islands, Greece)

Theodōrou, Georgia “Restoration of the aulos”

(Atchaeological Museum of Megara, Greece)

Terzēs, Chrēstos “Organology and reconstruction of the aulos”

(University of Athens, Greece)

Hagel, Stefan “What did the Megara aulos play?”

(Österreichische Akademie der Wissenschaften, Austria)